how to earn money from android application

Today I will teach you to earn money with Android application

Most understand that Android applications are made and how they can earn money.

Android applications We run our mobile and I earn money by learning how to run.

As you all know, nowadays I have come to the Bohot sari mobile application online market, which also has Android application iPhone IOS application and Windows applications and BlackBerry applications have come up. Everyone has launched their own mobile application.

But today we will learn how people are making money with an Android application.

Just like you have read or heard about tactics or have seen or seen similar applications like app Vigo app 4 free app hello app, such a huge app market has become and I am earning good money.


How do all these applications earn money?

If I talk of stalking then it has emojis which we send to our favorite creators and collect all the Amosyas video crater and send it back to the company, instead the company pushes him.

Now let me tell you about Vigo App. It has something in it that has something called Flames which will be available to you by the company and you will be able to earn dollars from it.

Now let me tell you about how to earn money on it.

4 FUN I have the highest share of the money I have earned myself 70000 rupees now.

Creating a video does not get much money as much as it does with the referral program, just like the Halo app comes to the same money and every Android application is their own way of giving money.

if you thinking that you also can make money from these applications so you can too because everybody earning money from these platforms.

I used to earn from these android applications but not now because I have my own android app which is running very well for me.

One more thing I want to share with you is that if you develop your own Android application then tomorrow, your application can become bigger if you promote it so that you can get paid promotion or free promotion.

Nowadays like I had told you that people like Tik Tik-like applications are going to be doing the development. Nowadays, there is a development in the application of the application like the trading app IQ option is taken as an example. The market I have become an Android App Store on the Internet, which is looking at Android App development.

If you have a YouTube channel and also have full subscribers, then you can do free promotion on your app and also for downloading the logo, it will also be promoted to your Android Free Free me. All people are doing this now.

How to Build an Android Application

There is a lot of web application online on the internet so you can make your own Android application.

But all those web apps are useless, they do not have much benefit.

With this good market, I have been sitting with all Android app developer, you can make a professorial Android app from them, from the minimum 10 Thousand to 10 Lacs, you will get the money to make an Android App.

But instead, I will give you a tremendous Upper Develop.

Make an Android App, which does not cost more than the minimum expense of only 10 Thousand.

Earn $7,000 thousand’s dollar – मैंने $7,000 डॉलर्स कमाए

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